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Almost half of KY prisoners are incarcerated for violating parole or probation

Jennifer Burnett

10,876 people are incarcerated in the Commonwealth due to supervision violations.

New research from the Council of State Governments Justice Center found that nationally, 280,000 people in prison—nearly 1 in 4—are incarcerated as a result of a supervision violation. Supervision violations include incarceration as a result of a violation of probation or parole.

This costs states more than $9.3 billion annually.

In Kentucky, 45 percent of the prison population are incarcerated due to supervision violations10,876 peopleat an annual cost to the state of $157 million. Kentucky has the seventh highest percentage of prisoners incarcerated due to supervision violations among all states.

Check out the full study - Confined and Costly: How Supervision Violations Are Filling Prisons and Burdening Budgets.



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