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New laws for Kentucky starting July 14

Most of the laws passed by the General Assembly during the 2018 Regular Session will go into effect on Saturday, July 14. There are various laws including everything from breweries, bicycles and brides.

Abstinence Education  Abstinence education must be included in any human sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases curriculum in Kentucky high schools. SB 71 

Bicycle Safety  Vehicles must be at least three feet away from bicyclists during an attempt to pass. If three feet isn’t available, drivers must use reasonable caution when passing. HB 33

Breweries  Increase what breweries can sell onsite to three cases and two kegs per customer. Breweries may sell one case per customer at fairs and festivals in wet jurisdictions. HB 136

Disabled Parking  Requires county clerk to issue one free placard, extends renewals from 2 to 6 years, establishes $10 fee for duplicates ($2 to county clerk, $8 to road fund). HB 81

Dyslexia  Kentucky Department of Education will make a “dyslexia toolkit” available to school districts to help identify and instruct students who display characteristics of dyslexia. HB 187

Election Deadline  An independent candidate running for city office must file with the county clerk by the first Monday in June. HB 381

Financial Literacy  Kentucky high school students must pass a financial literacy course before graduating. HB 132

Foster Care and Adoption  Ensure that a child’s time in foster care is limited and children are returned to family whenever possible. The definition of blood relative is expanded for child placement. HB 1

Inmate Drivers  Allows for issuance of driver’s licenses to current federal and state inmates who are on work release or reentry programs. SB 37

Organ Donation  Coroners or medical examiners must notify the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates if the deceased’s wish to be an organ donor is known and transplant or therapy is possible. HB 84

Pawned Items  Requires specific information to be included on a pawnbroker’s internet-based register and made available to law enforcement to help identify stolen items. HB 74

Police Cameras  Police body footage is exempt from public release if it shows the interior of private homes, medical facilities, women’s shelters and jails, a dead body, evidence of sexual assault, nude bodies or children. HB 373

Prescription Medicines  Requires pharmacists to provide information about safely disposing of certain prescription medicines, such as opiates and amphetamines. SB 6

Price Gouging  Imposes fines if retailers abruptly increase the price of goods more than 10 percent when the governor declares a state of emergency. SB 160

Revenge Porn  Increases penalties for posting sexually explicit images online without the consent of the person depicted. HB 71

Sex Offenders  Prohibits sex offenders from knowingly using electronic communications to solicit, contact, communicate or gather information about a person less than 18 years old. HB 70

Teen Marriage  Prohibits anyone under the age of 17 from marrying. Requires a district judge to approve the marriage of any 17-year-old. SB 48

Terrorism  A person injured by an act of terrorism may file a claim for damages against the terrorist in state court. SB 57

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