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Tuesday’s election increases Republican majorities in Kentucky legislature

When the legislature convenes in 2021, the House will have a 75-25 Republican majority and in the Senate, Republicans will have a 30-8 majority.

On Tuesday, both the Kentucky House and Senate races resulted in an increase in Republican-held seats. All 100 House seats and 19 of the 38 Senate seats were up for re-election this year.

Once the legislature begins the 2021 session on Jan. 5, those numbers will change to a 75-25 Republican majority in the House, and a 30-8 majority in the Senate.  

The current House makeup by party includes 61 Republicans, 36 Democrats, and three seats left vacant by those members who chose not to seek re-election and resigned early from office. 

Those include:

District 39 - formerly held by Russ Meyer (D)

District 47 - formerly held by Rick Rand (D)

District 58 - formerly held by Rob Rothenburger (R)

A total of 10 House members and two Senators chose not to seek re-election. 

Five of those were former county officials: Sen. Stan Humphries (R), Rep. Larry Elkins (R), former KACo president Rep. Chris Harris (D), Rep. Rob Rothenburger (R), and Rep. John Sims (D). KACo honored the service and support of these five former members during our annual conference last week.   

Out of the 19 Senate districts up for re-election, Sen. Julian Carroll (D), a former governor of Kentucky, joined Sen. Humphries in retiring at the end of the year. Sen. Albert Robinson (R) lost his primary bid, and Sen. Johnny Ray Turner (D) lost his race Tuesday. 

You can access the House list by clicking here, and the Senate list by clicking here

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