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Does your county have an Opportunity Zone?

There are 144 Opportunity Zones in 84 counties in Kentucky.

Medical marijuana bill headed to the House

A bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky is on its way to the full House for a vote.

School safety bill moves toward final passage

School safety improvements in Senate Bill 1—the top legislative priority of 2019 Kentucky General Assembly leaders—moved a step closer to becoming law after being amended and passed by the Kentucky House.

State parks infuse millions of dollars into Kentucky counties every year

There’s a state park location in almost half of Kentucky counties.

Campaign finance e-file bill goes to governor

Legislation that would allow all elected officials in Kentucky to electronically file their campaign finance reports passed the Kentucky General Assembly.

Lawmakers discuss restoring voting rights to felons

A bill to automatically restore voting rights to felons upon completion of their sentence and making full restitution had its first hearing before a legislative committee.

Bills gaining traction this week

Possible new laws advanced in the legislative process the week relating to pregnant workers, felony expungement, sexual assault victims, sports wagering and more.

More than 1 in 7 Kentuckians live in households struggling with hunger

Almost 15 percent of Kentuckians live in households with food insecurity.

Hemp legislation goes to Senate

Kentucky would expand its definition of industrial hemp to match language in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Strangulation bill goes to the House

Senate Bill 70 would make non-fatal strangulation a felony.