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By the Numbers: KY Primary Elections

By the Numbers: KY Primary Elections

How CERS & KERS pensions will change

The Pension Reform Bill (SB151) is expected go into effect on July 1, 2018. Here are some changes in Kentucky's public pensions from SB 151.

JUST IN: CERS employer contribution rates are released

These new employer contribution rates have just been released by KRS. These rates will factor into your county budgets, due May 1st to fiscal courts.

Campbell County Clerk sees rise in Independent voters approaching May primary

With the primary election less than a month away, county clerks around the Commonwealth of Kentucky are checking voting machines and getting things ready for the May 22 primary.

Bevin vetoes 5 bills, including 3 election-related ones

County Investment Bill, HB 75, vetoed by the governor. This bill would have allowed more of the money counties earned from investments to be directed back to those counties.

Bevin signs TVA in-lieu-of-tax bill

Kentucky House Bill 114, which bolsters economic development efforts for 39 counties in western, south central, and parts of eastern KY counties that purchase power from the Tennessee Valley Authority—or have TVA property—has been signed into law by Gov. Matt Bevin.

What to know about the budget and tax bill vetos

Gov. Matt Bevin on Monday said he will veto the tax reform bill and the entire two-year budget proposal that Kentucky's Republican-run legislature passed last week.

CERS employer contribution phase-in finally passes

The long-awaited CERS employer contribution phase-in or “rate collar” was finally passed providing pension relief Kentucky counties desperately need.

Budget passes and heads to governor

FRANKFORT— A $22 billion state spending plan that would restore some funding cuts proposed by the governor while ensuring that Kentucky fully funds its public pension systems has received final passage in the House after being approved by the Senate earlier today.

Tax reform bill passed House and Senate

The Kentucky General Assembly passed a revenue measure today that would generate nearly a half of billion dollars in additional money for the state over the next two fiscal years.